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Learn to discern prophecy – its crucial!

Dear Friends~ I have received a couple of prophesy’s in my life. One of the best prophecies I received was from a stranger. When he spoke to me it was as if God Himself spoke to me and I felt the words that he spoke fall into my spirit, it was exhorting and encouraging me […]

Power in prophetic declarations – move your mountain~

Hi Friends~ Have you ever felt a Godly unction (or anointing) rising up inside of your spirit and you instinctively knew you have been given the authority to change things in the spirit? Enough was enough! It is almost as if you spontaneously knew that you carried more authority in the spirit than at other […]

Hearing the Voice of God clearly – it is POSSIBLE and natural!

Dear Friends, It is very natural to hear Father God’s Voice! You hear His Voice already, but might unsure if it is really Him speaking to you. How can a Holy God, (that created the whole universe) be interested in you, a small human being with so much “sin” in your life? By the way […]

The divine purpose of your life – you CAN reach it!

Destiny – the divine purpose for your life! How do you reach it? Is there a specific recipe to follow? Here is a few guidelines that you consider…. But the bottomline is that you have to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, that inner unction and try to add value to other peoples […]

Psychic Attacks

WHAT ARE PSYCHIC ATTACKS The term “Psychic Attack” is very difficult to describe, thus for a lack of better words: it can be described as a curse in the form of a thought. It is when people harbor ill feelings toward you and project it towards you either consciously or unconsciously. The thoughts can be […]