The divine purpose of your life – you CAN reach it!

Destiny – the divine purpose for your life! How do you reach it? Is there a specific recipe to follow? Here is a few guidelines that you consider…. But the bottomline is that you have to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit, that inner unction and try to add value to other peoples lives by doing what you do best!!!


Have you ever received a prophetic word over your life? If not, it will be a good opportunity now to start thinking of getting one. By suggesting this, I am not asking you to request one from me (it will be great if you do!!!). The best way to do this is to react to the unction of the Holy Spirit. To explain it like this: listen to your feelings and what “feels right”, then choose the person that you feel led to approach. Alternative, go to a church where the gifts operate on a regular basis and trust Father God to give you a Word of Direction for your life.

There is always a thread or a clue in each of the prophecies that you have received over your life.

a) Very important Prayerfully submit these prophesies to people you trust . DO NOT read your prophecies to people that are jealous of you or do not have the same faith level as you. Always read/show this to somebody that is seeking your higher good. Jealous people can put stumbling blocks in your way and delay your breakthroughs, even if they don’t intend to do so!

b) Test these prophetic words against the Bible! A prophecy will not tell you to do anything that is against any spiritual law.

c) You will normally feel encouraged after a prophecy, even if there was a rebuke. Prophets only rebuke people after God has warned these people themselves several times and can act as a last warning from God to stop doing things that are hurting others (AND YOURSELF). Father God is extremely loving and will always forgive you if you ask forgiveness with a sincere heart. Please dont see Father God in the wrong way. He loves you more and and a thousand times more intense than any human being is able to do. He wants you to excel and be the wonderful person he created you to be.

d) A prophetic word will normally confirm what you already know, but can uluminate this for you so that you recognize the value of your spiritual and natural gifts.

e) A prophetic word can bring healing over your life so that you can be restored to the perfect human being you have been, before all the hurts and cares of life started wounding you! An example of this: You might have an inferiority complex and receive a Word from God that you are called to be a leader. The prophetic word in this instance will set you free and you will know your true calling as a leader and not somebody that must sit in somebody else’s shadow!

I will write a new blog specifically on prophecy at a later stage.


Look at what talents you have – can you play piano? What spiritual gifts do you have? Do you have discernment? Example: Somebody is very friendly to you but you mistrust them for no specific reason. You later find out that they have been molesting children. This is your discernment at work.

What did you excel in when you where around 14 or 15? This is a very good indication of what potential is locked up inside you.

You have a responsibility to use your spiritual gifts and talents. Do not shy away from your purpose!!! You will be the happiest being your OWN SELF – doing what YOU do best. You are anointed in your OWN destiny – now, build yourself up with enough faith!!! Nothing will be impossible for you! It is NEVER to late to return to who you really are and what God has called you for.


Are you around people in the ministry and desire to do the same things as what they are? Who do you look up to? Who do you identify yourself with? Who do you NOT want to be? Al these are clues!

Are you attracted to people that do healing, ie doctors or counselors? It might be that you see yourself in them.

Try and surround yourself with people that are not threatened by your successes. Don’t surround yourself with people looking down on you – that is the other tip of the scale. Associate yourself with people that really care for you and love you. Mix with people with integrity and people that you can respect. Mix with people that make you excited about life!!!

Listen what these people say about you. In a safe relationship you will have the liberty to ask somebody where they see you in society. You will be surprised what you will hear. You’ll never know what you mean to somebody unless they tell you. Be open to loving criticism AND praise! Try to learn about your “outer self”…


Love yourself AND others. There is many events that has gone down in history where people chose to lay down their lives for their fellow man and then became legends! Jesus Christ loved us so much that He chose to lay down His life for us! We should follow His example. Be selfless when it comes to our Higher Purpose but also love ourselves enough that we will not miss our divine purpose that we have been lovingly created with.


Have unwavering, miracle-producing faith! Inspire other people with your faith! Move the mountains! It IS possible! God wants you to be prosperous and in abundance of everything! Abundance of Love, Friends, Money, EVERYTHING!!! Pray without ceasing!

Hope this blessed you – Lots of Love!

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