Hearing the Voice of God clearly – it is POSSIBLE and natural!

Dear Friends,

It is very natural to hear Father God’s Voice! You hear His Voice already, but might unsure if it is really Him speaking to you. How can a Holy God, (that created the whole universe) be interested in you, a small human being with so much “sin” in your life? By the way – we ALL sin, even if we try our best.

He is smitten with you – He loves you so much that He is using many forms of communication to be able to speak to you. I pray right now, that each of you reading this blog will be come more spiritually hungry by the day! I pray that you will have the special relationship of hearing His Voice on a daily/hourly/second basis!

Before we get to the “steps” of hearing Gods voice! God speaks to each individual differently and their level. He speaks in ways that we understand. This blog is only a guideline to assist you. How many times do you recall that God spoke to you? Did somebody else approach you and said that God wants to speak to you? Or that God is calling you into ministry or to work for him where you are?

1) Scripture

Scripture IS THE VOICE OF GOD – the whole Bible was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. This is why you read the Bible and you feel convicted by a certain verse. It is NOT when you ask God for an answer and randomly open the Bible on a verse that will “speak” to you. If you do this you will open yourself up to deception. It is necessary to fill yourself with scripture so that you can find out what pleases the Lord! You learn to build a relationship with Father God by reading scriptures and renewing your mind with His thoughts.

“The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He will make them know His covenant” (Psalm 25:14)


If you do not have peace – DO NOT do it! This is one of the strongest ways that the Holy Spirit will lead you. If you have peace about a certain thing, it minimizes your chances of making the wrong decision. One of the problems I had in my life was that I convinced myself that I had peace. In other words, I keep talking myself out of the will of God. This is why I have such dear and loyal christian friends around me – we protect each other and wish for one another’s higher good. They love me enough to make sure that I do not make a mistake. If they also do not have peace about a decision I am making, I wait or pray it through with them! I do the same for them.

Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14-KJV)

3) Word of Prophecy

Many people only take prophecy’s from well known people. I had some of my best prophesy’s from unknown people.
The reason why a person should not accept just any word that is spoken over you, is that words carry power. What you say is what you get. It is considered safer to receive words from a reputable prophet(ess) and a person that you can see the character and spiritual life of.

The key is to TEST the prophecy – is it scriptural? Do you feel exhorted, refreshed and full of new vision after receiving a prophecy? What does your pastor and friends say about the prophecy? Do they agree about what has been said to you? Do not act hastily on a prophecy – a word of prophecy will normally be confirmed.

Important: Prophecies with the same thread, more regularly, can be an indication that the time of the fulfillment of your prophecy is drawing near.

I can write a blog just on how to test prophecy, and will do that at a later stage to help some of you.

4) Dreams

This is another subject on its own. Sometimes the Holy Spirit reaches into our subconscious and speak to us with symbols. You get different types of dreams. The dreams where you literally dream of something and it happens exactly like that is a prophetic dream and is a lot more scare’s than the other dreams.

5) Confirmation of your thoughts through friends

You intend to discuss a certain subject with one of your friends, and before you have a chance to express what you are thinking they might be bringing it up. Example: They might start conversation about a article that you have been reading, without any knowledge about you even reading anything OR you have been thinking of buying a house, and they just mention: “Don’t you think it is time for you to buy a house?” They express your thoughts. Father God might have promised you a house and may show you that it is time that He will provide for you. This true especially in ministry. A person can not generalize this as God speaking, but this MIGHT be a pointer that Father wants to speak to you concerning a certain direction you should take with your life or that you should learn OR DO something. A person must be very sensitive to the spirit not to miss anything out. Serving God is a huge privilege and an adventure!

6) Visions

You or somebody else might receive a specific vision for your life and it might be the answer to something that you are struggling with in life. Again – Father can speak very clear and specifically or He can speak in symbols.

7) Writing down ideas and prayers

Many a spiritual vision has started with a seed (idea) and was watered with prayer and seeking Father for strategy!

Hope this blessed you all, because this is only a few examples of hearing God’s Voice – He is so awesome and Big and has such great plans for you – BELIEVE IT!!!

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