Learn to discern prophecy – its crucial!

Dear Friends~

I have received a couple of prophesy’s in my life. One of the best prophecies I received was from a stranger. When he spoke to me it was as if God Himself spoke to me and I felt the words that he spoke fall into my spirit, it was exhorting and encouraging me so much!!! I had been going through a terrible trial in my life. I sat in my car and without a word cried out to God for help. There was no way that you could see what is going on inside of my spirit by only looking at my face. I was just asking silently, helplessly… Suddenly somebody knocked on my window and the miracle happened – I got a very specific and timely Word… Somebody received an unction from the Holy Spirit to minister to me. He was obedient!!! No, it was not a pastor… It was one of His Prophets. It has been many years since then and each time I think back on it, I am still amazed and thankful for what Father God did for me. This Divine Appointment encouraged or inspired me to do my utmost for other people when they need it most.

What happened to me is out of the ordinary. The church teaches us that we should only accept prophesies from well known and accredited prophets in the church. This is the safe route to follow, but I think the main focus of any church should be that we should LEARN TO DISCERN, not judge the people bringing the Word.

1) Judge the prophecy by the Word, don’t judge the messenger!

There is different levels in the prophetic and scripture is some of the safest means. I said ONE OF THE SAFER means, because ironically you get fellow christians that like to bible punch other christians with scripture. They normally have critical spirits (they are not even aware of this), and they then send people scripture to get them to “repent” – many times all this comes down to is psychic attacks. While scripture is the Word of God, it can be pulled out of context and hurt people so much that they draw into themselves or run to other places of acceptance that is less painful but damaging to their souls. Scripture is meant to edify, teach, give direction and correct people, BUT ALWAYS WITH SINCERE LOVE. Yes, very key – be SINCERE and without personal agenda’s.

2) An uneasy feeling in your spirit – no peace.

You stand before the Lord with an expectant clean heart and you have no fear, or any other negative emotion involved when receiving a prophecy. You experience a “knowing” that this person is missing it. You experience it where your spirit man is, just below your rib cage. It feels like a shock there. It is the same place where you experience butterflies when you are in love, but in this case it will feel sad or heavy. Many people or prophets don’t mean to prophecy incorrectly – bear in mind that they might have interpreted a vision incorrectly. They might have heard things about you and “added” on what their thoughts about you are, meaning good many times or trying speaking life over you when God has not told them specifically too. Another possibility is that they are giving you the word out of season, not the correct time. There are so many reasons for this!! Bottomline, people make mistakes, and it is better to leave prophetic words like these on the shelf until some other seasoned person speak them over your again, or until you feel the conviction of the Holy Spirit.

3) You experience an absolute Peace and Joy!

You will feel the Joy at the same place but it will be positive and you will feel excited, because there is a supernatural knowing that this is exactly what God has in store for you – confirmed through another person! This is also the time when most callings are established because God speaks your potential over you! He tells you why He created you, He encourages you and showers His Superior Unconditional Love over you!

3) Take your prophetic word to a seasoned christian that also hears the voice of God.

Do NOT take your prophecy to somebody that might have jealousy towards you! Make sure that you can trust this person 100% – you don’t want ungodly words spoken over something meant to be so special. Pray about the prophesy. Do warfare with it! Ask Father God to commission His Angels to help you fulfill His Will and His purpose for you!!

4) What to do if you suspect that your Word was incorrect.

It might NOT be incorrect, but it may be a different season! Pray through this. You might also experience a heavy feeling if the time is not right for the fulfilment of your prophecy, because you have only received the seed of the Word and it has not grown into fruitation yet. Put it on the shelf and wait for a second word of confirmation. Stay with with the first Word of God that you DID witness with.

5) Does the person prophecy have Love in their eyes? (possible guideline)

What did you feel when they spoke to you? It is helps to discern a Word if you are able to look into a person’s eyes. This is the place where you will be able to see the best if they resemble Love. This is very important. The intention that the person has when they prophecy over you, because words are powerful tools. Prophets specifically needs to be specifically mindful what they say about people. We are there to build up and exhort and not to break down. We are all made in God’s image!

Stay blessed – till next time! Remember to display Love at every occasion possible!

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