I do ask for a donation, but it is for MY TIME, not my gift, you DO NOT PAY FOR A WORD OF PROPHESY, but for the time I put into praying for your life. I do not have time for a full time job, and therefore request your understanding in this matter. Please do not judge me, discern with your heart.  To many people fell out of full time ministry, not being able to help anymore, just because they could not sustain their families.

If you are desperate and unable to contribute, please…. Put in your request, and please state that you are unable to donate! I will certainly help by sowing my time in a free personal prophesy!

If you click on the donate button, you will also be able to pay via credit card, if it is more convenient to you.

The prophecy will be sent via email MP3 or written if it is your choice~ Please allow approximately 7 to 10 days, although it will be sooner most of the time!

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